What are your relationship goals?

In your quest to become more confident with women, what are the main goals that you are aiming for? What are your ultimate aims and desires? These are tricky questions, I know! I’ve been there myself, but these are questions that you have to ask yourself if you are to be clear about what you […]

Change the way you see yourself, change your life – Start here!

How can you make the necessary changes to become confident with women? The most important thing to understand is that; YOU need to invest in YOU! Open your mind to the abundance of opportunities that are available to you. There are more than 3 billion females on this planet, so you must have a sporting […]

Gaining confidence with women – from Zero to Hero.

Why don’t women desire me? This is a question I asked myself repeatedly, during my late twenties. The more I asked, the more I disliked myself. I would look in the mirror and all I would see was a short, unattractive underachiever, who was already losing his hair (a major confidence killer for young men) […]

About Me

Welcome to getconfidentwithwomen.com If you are a man who lacks confidence when interacting with the opposite sex, finds it difficult to get dates, or is even looking to improve your relationship with your girlfriend or wife, I’m here to provide you with access to the best sources of information available online. My Story Like most […]